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What's in the now....

Currently doing one to one yoga and massage all over the place! You can read Camilla Dallerup's lovely article just click here and breathe a moment it's sometimes slow to load!

Yoga Classes
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On this page I tell you about Reiki courses and yoga retreats and provide links to websites I recommend. I tell you about the yummy raw chocolate I make to order and about books and people I love and other things I think are cool. If the Reiki courses advertised do not fit in with your desired dates, please email me, as anything is possible!

Events & Links #02

One to One yoga

Recently I was asked to do a one to one yoga class with the lovely Camilla Dallerup, because she wanted to know if she was doing her asanas correctly. You can read her article above. She has been to a number of group classes and found that she wasn't being corrected by the teacher because the class was too busy. This can often be a problem as gym managers want classes to be full with up to 30 people attending, which makes it difficult for a teacher to get round to adjusting everyone. This is why I love teaching smaller groups. However if you do go to group classes then a one off private class can arm you with plenty of knowledge to become your own guru.

Events & Links #03

Raw Chocolate Heaven

Making raw organic chocolate is another of my passions.
I was never into making food before, to be honest my husband does all the food stuff in our house. Raw chocolate is bursting with health benefits, yep that's right, chocolate that's good for you! Cacao when called by it's Latin name 'Theobroma cacao' translates as FOOD OF THE GODS and I speak from abundant eating experience when I say that the Goddess in me is truly awakened with every bite. The happy feeling I get making this God food becomes elation when eating it and here's why.....Cacao is full of magnesium, of which most of us are deficient, iron, chromium, trytophan (the amino acid which creates seretonin,the happy hormone) and antioxidants the good guys that go round the body cleaning up after the damaging free radicals. The other ingredients used to make raw choc are packed with minerals such as potassium, calcium and zinc. Yummy goodness!


The Japanese Art of Reiki by Bronwen & Frans Stiene
Moon Time by Johanna Pauggner & Thomas Poppe
Detox your World by Shazzie
Eating for Beauty by David Wolfe
Japanese Woman Don't Get Old or Fat by Naomi Moriyama
Reiki for Life by Penelope Quest
The Relationship Handbook by George S Pransky
Cellular Awakening by Barbara Wren


Helena Bingham is an amazing nutritionist and I adore her light and loving approach. Her knowledge is immense, her support unlimited and her passion for all things natural is inspirational. She is fabulous and full of fun and most definitely my soul sister! - click here

Dreamcatcher is my aunt's stunning resort in Goa, India. Gorgeous cottages, set in an idyllic tropical location where the sea meets the river. Yoga, Reiki and massage all on site. - click here

Events & Links #04

For Reiki and Massage therapy gift vouchers please contact [email protected]

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